Wigan Observer - 9th April 2019

Parliament is not working as it should because politicians are not doing what their voters instructed them to do. The whole working of government has seized up because of political infighting and no resolution is in sight.

Leigh Observer Column - 26th March 2019

Our local authority should be doing all it can to protect the unique identities of our towns. One of the reasons people want to move to and live in the area and why people who grow up here, remain here is because of what our community has to offer.

Leigh Observer Column - 12th March 2019

We do not have permission to leave the European Union. Or at least, many British politicians seem to believe that we can only leave on terms that the EU approve.

Leigh Observer Column - 26th February 2019

“I cannot remain in a Party that I have, today, come to the sickening conclusion is institutionally anti-Semitic.” This is what Luciana Berger MP said when she left the Labour Party.

Leigh Observer Column - 12th February 2019

Brexit is dominating national and international politics at the moment but it is important that as your MP I continue to champion your local concerns in Westminster and to our local leadership.  Unfortunately, in recent months, I have seen a significant increase in people contacting me about an i

Leigh Observer Column - 15th January 2019

‘Self-serving politicians more interested in looking after vested interests than their own constituents’ has long been a popular view of Members of Parliament.

Leigh Observer Column - 18th December 2018

Last week was another busy week in Parliament whilst the Prime Minister continued to negotiate Brexit. The negotiations have not gone as well as they ought but I shall continue to do all I can to ensure that a Brexit that serves all our interests is delivered.

Leigh Observer Column - 20th November 2018

“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse and what interesting times we are living in. The choice offered in the 2016 EU referendum was an opportunity for the British people to have their say on the biggest issue in generations.

Leigh Observer Column - 5th November 2018

Budget day is one of the most important days of the Parliamentary year, setting out the future plans for our economy and the spending plans for our vital public services.