MP stands up for Brexit in Westminster speech

During a debate on this week’s no confidence vote, Chris Green MP spoke out on the importance of delivering Brexit for his constituents.

Local MP Chris Green has long-been vocal on his belief that the Government should deliver a clean break from the European Union.

MP welcomes cold-calling ban

Chris Green MP has welcomed the government’s decision to ban cold-callers from discussing pensions.

This government decision was made in a bid to prevent pensions scams, after it was found that cold-calling was the main source of people losing their pension funds to fraudsters.

Leigh Observer Column - 15th January 2019

‘Self-serving politicians more interested in looking after vested interests than their own constituents’ has long been a popular view of Members of Parliament.

Local MP to vote against EU Withdrawal Agreement

Chris Green MP has informed his constituents that he will be voting against the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Since the release of the EU Withdrawal Agreement last year, Mr Green has been vocal with his concerns that the deal does not deliver on the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum.