My Plan

  • Better access to a GP when you need it most

    We need good quality health care. That’s why I’m campaigning for better access to GP’s by pushing for progress on Horwich Health Centre to get facilities built. So we have more appointments at convenient times, giving you and your family the opportunity to see a professional when you need it most.

  • Protect our green spaces from over-development

    There’s a need for more affordable homes, but not at the expense of our green spaces. The last Labour Council alongside Manchester’s Mayor wanted to build on green fields with their delayed GMSF plan. But I’ll oppose inappropriate development and make sure new developments are brown field first. With the roads, schools and health facilities they need.

  • Repairing roads to keep us safe

    We deserve better roads that are safe for everyone. So I’m working with Bolton’s new Conservative-run council to fix our roads after years of neglect. That means resurfacing the worst roads and fixing problem potholes. Just like we’re doing on Chorley Old Road, where we’ll continue to make improvements. And I’ll keep working with Wigan Council for a fair share of funds in Atherton.   

  • A bypass, new motorway junction and better rail to end crippling congestion

    Building a bypass for Westhoughton, a new junction 7 on the M61 and better investment in our railways can help to end the traffic backlog. So I’m working with the Government and residents to find solutions. We’ve made progress extending the platform at Atherton, Hag Fold and Daisy Hill stations. That means more capacity on trains, so everyone gets a seat. And I’ll keep campaigning for new roads to ease congestion.

  • Investing in our high streets and backing business

    Thanks to our balanced approach to the economy we can invest in our high streets and town centres. That’s why I’m working with the new Conservative council and local residents to regenerate Horwich and Westhoughton town centres and I’ll push Wigan Council to improve Atherton. Bringing empty shops back into use and championing small businesses with my Best Local Shop competition. 

  • More officers on the beat to cut crime

    It's time to cut crime and tackle anti-social behaviour. That’s why I’ve been organising regular meeting with local Police Sergeants, so residents get to share their police and crime priorities directly. Like we’ve recently done in Smithills. And with the Government recruiting 20,000 more officers, I’ll make the case for more police on the beat in Bolton West and Atherton, with the extra resources they need.