My Plan

  • Protect our green spaces from over-development

    Before I was first elected, I was pushing for a brownfield first policy in Bolton to protect our green spaces and reduce congestion. I said that Bolton town centre had to be redeveloped with new houses and flats because that guarantees that we can protect our green spaces where we can spend time with the family and walk our dogs.

  • Repairing roads to keep us safe

    Bolton Council has the responsibility to maintain our local roads. We expect our local roads to be free of potholes because they shouldn't be a hazard to cyclists or be the cause of so much damage to cars. We deserve better roads that are safe for everyone. When the Conservatives ran Bolton Council, we could see the difference in funding not only to repair potholes but also to fully resurface many of our roads.

  • Better Local Transport Links

    Having good transport links is essential whether commuting into work, taking the children to school or getting away for a break. This is why I have been working to secure funding for transport upgrades from rail electrification to new road infrastructure to reduce congestion. Building a bypass for Westhoughton, a new junction 7 on the M61 are key to delivering on our local needs.

  • Investing in Local Health Services

    We need good quality health care. That’s why I have been campaigning for better access to GP’s and working to secure investment in better local health facilities. So we have more appointments at convenient times, giving you and your family the opportunity to see a professional when you need it most.

  • Backing our Local Highstreets

    The Government is responsible for creating a strong economy and providing stability within which small business owners, entrepreneurs and shop keepers can prosper. It has been tough in recent times but from Heaton to Horwich and on to Westhoughton, where I have my office, we can see how much our local communities value our local shops.

  • More officers on the beat to cut crime

    The failure of local policing was symbolised by the decision of the Chief Constable to shut down Bolton’s custody suite. He did this because the police had almost stopped making arrests and they therefore didn’t need it. The new Chief has transformed morale and reopened the custody suite because he believes that the police should be arresting criminals.