Repairing roads to keep us safe

Repairing roads to keep us safe: We deserve better roads that are safe for everyone. So I’m working with Bolton’s new Conservative-run council to fix our roads after years of neglect. That means resurfacing the worst roads and fixing problem potholes. Just like we’re doing on Chorley Old Road, where we’ll continue to make improvements. And I’ll keep working with Wigan Council for a fair share of funds in Atherton. 

During his time as MP for Bolton West and Atherton, Chris has fought against the local Labour led Council’s unfair distribution of road funding across the boroughs. Instead, Chris has championed the fair allocation of funding for all of Bolton’s towns and he is pleased that the new leadership of Bolton Council has taken note. He will also continue to stand up for the road improvements Atherton residents want to see and previously led campaigns on improving road safety in Atherton.  

For more information about what Chris has been doing to fix our broken roads and pavements, see some of the news articles below.