​​​​​​​MP welcomes new mental health support for schools and colleges

Chris Green MP has welcomed the news that Greater Manchester will benefit from three new Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) for local schools and colleges.

This follows the announcement that Greater Manchester will be one of the first areas to benefit from the introduction of MHSTs, which will provide support for schoolchildren suffering with mild to moderate mental health problems.

The introduction of MHSTs comes as part of a new government policy that aims to improve mental health support for those in education.

Mr Green said: “As we now have a better understanding of mental health and how to support those who are suffering, we need to ensure that this support is made available to those who need it most.

“This is why I welcome the news that our constituency will benefit from the three new Mental Health Support Teams being introduced for children and young people across Greater Manchester.”

The new policy also implements the providing of free, high quality training for a Designated Lead for Mental Health in schools and pilots a new four-week waiting time for childrens’ and young persons’ mental health care as standard.