Wigan Observer - Tuesday 10th September

Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, has offered Jeremy Corbyn the opportunity to have a General Election but the leader of the opposition has voted down the offer.  This has never happened before and this all the more bizarre because the leader of the opposition has been calling for a General Electi

Wigan Observer - Tuesday 13th August 2019

Politicians never listen!  Well, that is their reputation, but it is not entirely true.  Normally, when politicians are accused of not listening it is often that they are listening to the wrong people.  How else can there be so much confusion over Brexit.

Bolton MP slams calls for a second referendum

Chris Green MP has slammed the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham for his support of a second referendum on Brexit in a speech made today - despite Mr Burnham calling the second referendum campaign “arrogant” just two days prior to the speech.

MP supports fight against leasehold scandal

Local MP Chris Green urges local residents to submit evidence of their experiences to the Leasehold Reform Inquiry to continue the fight against the leasehold scandal.