MP slams decision to cancel Question Time in Bolton for a second time

Local MP Chris Green has slammed the BBC’s decision to cancel its Question Time programme in Bolton for a second time this year.

Bolton residents were already left disappointed when the BBC cancelled its Question Time broadcast from the town in April, instead broadcasting the programme from London.

After the MP raised his concerns about the decision in the House of Commons, local people were reassured by the BBC that Question Time would come to Bolton in November, however it has now come to light that the show’s stop in Bolton has been cancelled once again.

Speaking about the news, Mr Green said: “To cancel Question Time in Bolton in favour of London once is bad enough, but to cancel it for a second time is terrible.

“The people of Bolton deserve the opportunity to put their view to politicians, hold them to account and to share their view on the national stage but instead, their voices have been silenced once again.

“The BBC needs to do more to ensure the views of all parts of our country are heard, not just those from the city of London and I will be writing to the Director General of the BBC to put forward these concerns on the behalf of the people of Bolton.”