MP raises Bolton Hospice in Westminster


Chris Green MP has raised his concerns about the gaps in the NHS pay rise, affecting Bolton Hospice, in a Westminster debate.

The NHS pay rise was announced this year, which increases pay for front line staff. Despite the welcome rise in pay, staff who provide frontline NHS services who worker in the voluntary, social enterprise and independent health and care sector will not receive a pay rise. This includes those who are employed in some hospices, despite performing the same crucial public work.

The Bolton West and Atherton MP raised his concerns about the allocation of this pay rise, impacting upon Bolton Hospice which provides care for many of his constituents.

Mr Green said: “Our NHS provides a vital public service to those who need it around the country, yet those who are working hard to provide good quality care may not receive the same pay despite doing the same job.

“In the debate, I raised my concerns about the difficulty healthcare providers such as Bolton Hospice may have with not only employing but also retaining their staff.

“I hope that the government considers what support it can give so that all staff members employed in voluntary and independent healthcare organisations can benefit from this pay rise.”