Hundreds ‘vote’ in MP’s EU referendum

Hundreds of people have now voted in Bolton West MP Chris Green’s ‘mock’ EU referendum – with 600 alone in the first 24 hours.

The online referendum, which has been set up ahead of the real referendum this June, aims to get people talking about whether they want to leave or remain ahead of polling day.

The results so far show that 73% want to leave, with 27% wanting to remain.

Commenting, Chris said:

“Thank you to everyone who has voted so far – I have been overwhelmed by the interest my EU referendum has generated and it has been especially interesting to read all the comments.

“The results at the moment seem pretty clear: Bolton West residents overwhelmingly want to leave the EU.  There is still time, however, for the results to change and my poll will be open right up until the referendum on June 23.

“This referendum is a once in a generation chance and, as the Member of Parliament for Bolton West and Atherton it’s really important that I understand everyone’s views.”

To vote, visit