Bolton MP to debate future of nurseries

After speaking with nurseries in Bolton West and Atherton, Chris Green MP is holding a Westminster Hall debate to talk about the sustainability of their sector.

The debate will focus on the government’s childcare provision that was introduced in September 2017. The provision entitles 30 hours of supported childcare per week for three to four year olds from eligible working families in England.

Mr Green decided to hold the debate following a meeting with local nurseries and since the meeting took place he has also sent out a survey to all local nurseries, asking how they have adjusted to the introduction of the government’s provision.

Although there are benefits to the provision, some nurseries outlined in their surveys suggestions of how it could be improved so that they can provide the best quality care they can.

Nurseries have also raised concerns that they are having to ask parents for a top up for what is being claimed as “free” childcare.

Mr Green said “The nursery experience can be wonderful for many children but we have to make sure that they work for the children and parents, as well as ensure that the system works for the nurseries as well.

“Having discussed the matter with the Federation of Small Business and local nurseries, I contacted all the nurseries within my constituency to find out their concerns, so that I could raise them in Parliament and improve the system.”

The Westminster Hall debate will be taking place on Wednesday 10th October from 9:30am to 11am and can be viewed on