Horwich Loco Works Survey

Ahead of my upcoming public meeting, dedicated to discussing the Horwich Loco Works development, I want to know your views and the development. This is why I am running my Horwich Loco Works survey below and it will only take just a few minutes of your time.

If you would like to attend my Horwich Loco Works meeting, see the below details:

Details: Horwich Loco Works Public Meeting

Date: 28th November 2019     

Time: 6pm to 7:30pm     

Location: Horwich RMI 

Horwich Loco Works Survey

  • 1 Current: Your view on the Horwich Loco Works development
  • 2 Your details
Are you in favour of the Horwich Loco Works development?
Are you supportive of brown-field housing developments?
What are your three main concerns for Horwich?
Please choose three of the below option. 
Do you agree with the plans for the £12million government funded spine road to support the Horwich Loco Works development?
Do you support the proposal for a new Horwich Health Centre?
The plans will see two of our existing GPs surgeries merge under one roof, based next to the Horwich Leisure Centre. 
Do you think Horwich needs a new school?
Have you received enough information about the Horwich Loco Works development?
If possible, would you want to be kept more regularly informed on the progress of the Horwich Loco Works development?