Atherton Road Safety Petition

I am angered to hear about yet another road accident on Tyldesley Road in Atherton. Wigan Council have been warned about the safety of Tyldesley Road, yet they are not taking any action to prevent further accidents. Instead, the total number of accidents continues to rise, with eleven dangerous accidents occurring over the last three years alone.

This is why I am working with Atherton’s Independent Network Councillors to fight for the creation of a mini roundabout on the junction of Tyldesley Road/Tyldesley Old Road. A mini roundabout will not only ensure that traffic must slow down on Tyldesley Road, decreasing the likelihood of accidents, but will also help the road cope with ever increasing levels of traffic.

If you would like to join me in the fight to make Tyldesley Road safer for all its users, please sign my petition.

Petition to improve safety on Tyldesley Road

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