Better access to a GP when you need it most

Better access to a GP when you need it most: We need good quality health care. That’s why I’m campaigning for better access to GP’s by pushing for progress on Horwich Health Centre to get facilities built. So we have more appointments at convenient times, giving you and your family the opportunity to see a professional when you need it most.

The local Labour leadership often promised local people health improvements yet they always failed to deliver any change. Since the Conservatives have been elected to lead Bolton Council, it has been uncovered that the Horwich Health Centre may not go ahead. In response to this, Chris has asked local people what health improvements they want to see for them and their families. After meting with Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister, earlier this year, Chris also urged him for improved health services and welcomes the £1.8billion boost to the NHS.   

For more information about what Chris has been doing to campaign for improved health services, see some of the news articles below. 


MP visits local Dementia Nursing Home

During Dementia Action Week, local MP Chris Green paid a visit to a Hazelbrook Christian Nursing Home in Horwich, to learn more about the support they provide.