Charity Champions Visit Downing Street

Throughout the Bolton West constituency and across the country there are many who work for and contribute their time and talents to supporting many of our great charities and voluntary groups.  There are opportunities for MPs and candidates to invite local champions to receptions in the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street and I was delighted to do so.

Long-term Economic Plan for the North West

The phrase ‘long term economic plan’ is frequently used by Conservative politicians both to state the nature of our ambition but also to distinguish us from the short termist Labour Party.

Horwich Needs More Investment in Sporting Facilities

There are huge plans for more houses to be built in Horwich including 1,700 at the Loco Works site and 140 on the Victoria Road Bolton College site.  This is going to place a burden on transport infrastructure, local schools and medical facilities.

Checking to see that we’re ready for Winter

A huge amount of preparation is required to ensure that our roads are clear of snow and ice during the Winter months so I was delighted to be invited to visit the Westhoughton Motorway Maintenance Depot and see the preparations they have made.

Top Class Apprenticeship Training in Horwich

For many years there has been an over emphasis on academic education and, with a desire that 50% of people should go to University, an undervaluing of vocational education.  It is good to see that there is an increasing understanding of the importance of vocational education and the support and funding needed to ensure good quality apprenticeships.

Atherton's first class guide dog training centre

Atherton has a first class guide dog training centre which is one of a small number of centres across the country.  There is a dedicated guide dog breeding centre in Warwickshire from where the dogs are taken to Atherton for intensive training.

Visit to Westhoughton High School

Conservatives often talk about a “long term economic plan” but it can seem as though it is just about businesses and wealth creation.  Obviously both of these areas are important but it is necessary to realise that it also covers the lowering of taxes, ensuring that the welfare system helps people into work and having the best education system.

Education, Education, Education

Often education is seen as a political football rather than just something that politicians are working hard to improve.  Sometimes, it is seen that one type of school is necessarily better than another just because it’s structure is different or it is seen to be the latest innovation.