MP sponsors defibrillator bill

Chris Green MP has sponsored a bill that will ensure that defibrillators are in every school and sports centre – which has now passed its first stage.

MP welcomes £350million increase to special educational needs funding

Chris Green MP has welcomed the news that special education needs and disabilities (SEND) funding will be increased by £350million over the next two years.

This builds upon the £1billion increase in high needs funding that the Conservative government has made over the past five years.

Leigh Observer Column - 18th December 2018

Last week was another busy week in Parliament whilst the Prime Minister continued to negotiate Brexit. The negotiations have not gone as well as they ought but I shall continue to do all I can to ensure that a Brexit that serves all our interests is delivered.

Young girl becomes an MP for the day

8-year-old Valentina Riu wrote to her local MP Chris Green last month, asking to take over his job as a Member of Parliament for the day.

Leigh Observer Column - 20th November 2018

“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse and what interesting times we are living in. The choice offered in the 2016 EU referendum was an opportunity for the British people to have their say on the biggest issue in generations.