Packed venue for MP’s Brexit meeting

Over 160 people went to Ladybridge High School last Friday to attend Chris Green MPs public meeting, dedicated to discussing Brexit.

During the meeting, the MP took questions from his constituents and heard their views about the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Wigan Observer - 9th April 2019

Parliament is not working as it should because politicians are not doing what their voters instructed them to do. The whole working of government has seized up because of political infighting and no resolution is in sight.

Local MP invites you to his Brexit meeting

Chris Green MP is inviting his constituents to his upcoming public meeting, dedicated to discussing Brexit.

During the Brexit meeting, Mr Green will not only share his view of the most recent Brexit developments but will also be taking questions from his constituents. 

MP Champions Justice for Local Mother

Chris Green MP has championed justice for local mother, Janine Aldridge. After the death of her daughter Leah in 2002, human tissue samples were retained by Greater Manchester Police (GMP).