My view of the prorogation of Parliament

Many constituents have contacted me about my view on the prorogation of Parliament, which is why I wanted to update you all with my view on this matter.

Wigan Observer - Tuesday 27th August

How do you judge a politician?  Is it what they say or how they say it; is it their style or the humour they bring with it; is it their earnestness and virtue signalling?  Obviously, a politician needs to be a good performer and it helps the listener if there is a little humour or passionate orat

Green industrial strategy

"Protecting the environment is one of my key priorities but I also want to protect and promote British manufacturing.

MP launches Best Local Shop competition

A new and exciting Best Local Shop competition has been launched by Chris Green MP to celebrate local shops and their contribution to our high streets.

Wigan Observer - Tuesday 13th August 2019

Politicians never listen!  Well, that is their reputation, but it is not entirely true.  Normally, when politicians are accused of not listening it is often that they are listening to the wrong people.  How else can there be so much confusion over Brexit.