Young girl becomes an MP for the day

8-year-old Valentina Riu wrote to her local MP Chris Green last month, asking to take over his job as a Member of Parliament for the day.

Her request came as part of the Children’s Commissioners ‘Takeover Challenge’, which encourages children and young people to ask to take over an adult’s job for the day, to give them a valuable insight and gain experience in the workplace.

Valentina, who told Mr Green that she would like to work for the government one day, accompanied him on his constituency engagements. These included: presenting the winners and runners up of the MP’s Christmas Card competition with their certificates and prizes, a radio interview and a newspaper interview. She also spent time in the constituency office and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, asking her to consider implementing her ‘no homework’ policy.

Mr Green said: “It was fantastic to receive Valentina’s letter, asking to take over my job for the day. It’s always great to see someone so young interested in politics.

“We had a very busy day visiting schools and having interviews with the local press and Valentina did a fab job as an MP.

“It was a pleasure to take part in the takeover challenge and I have no doubt that Valentina has a very bright future ahead of her. I’d better watch out as she might want to take over my job one day!”

Before her day as an MP, Valentina had also written a letter to the British High Commissioner in Mauritius ahead of a family holiday. As a result of her letter, she was invited to meet the Deputy High Commissioner in Mauritius whilst on holiday there.