We’re Delivering on Our Long Term Economic Plan

Month after month we are seeing more and more people in Bolton West find work so that they can earn a living and provide for their family.  For so many years the welfare system told people that they are better off on benefits but the Conservatives are changing that.

Since the 2010 General Election, unemployment has fallen by 47% in Bolton West which means that more families have the security and dignity that earning a regular pay packet brings.  Employment is up by 1,750,000 since Labour were in power and with average pay rising by 1.8% people are increasingly better off.

On seeing the latest figures, Chris Green said “The confidence instilled in the British economy by this government means that businesses are expanding and taking on more staff – in the last year 83% have been full time.  In Bolton West, unemployment is down by 674 in the last year alone.

“At the General Election, the choice is going to be whether to continue towards full employment or risk it all with Ed Miliband and Ed Balls”.