​​​​​​​MP welcomes new recycling plans

Chris Green MP has welcomed the government’s plans to make recycling more consistent across England after receiving complaints from confused Bolton residents.

Current recycling processes change from council to council, meaning that an item you can recycle in one area you may not be able to in another.

To bring an end to this confusion the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has put forward proposals that will streamline the current system, ensuring that everyone across England can recycle the same items.

Mr Green said: “Since 2010, the Conservatives have supported measures that have reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill in England by 15% however more needs to be done to improve recycling rates across the country.

“It seems odd that at the moment the list of items that you can and cannot recycle changes from one area to another as this only puts people off recycling in the fear of getting it wrong.

“This is why I welcome the government’s proposals, which will ensure that our councils simplify their recycling system and enable more people to recycle with greater ease.”