MP welcomes life-saving education for schoolchildren

Chris Green MP has welcomed the government’s decision to include life-saving defibrillator education as part of the new compulsory health education plans for local schools.

His praise for the decision comes after the news that Mr Green has sponsored a bill that would see the government require defibrillators in all schools and leisure centres – which has now passed its first stage. The bill also asks the government to put aside funding to educate people on the simplicity of using a defibrillator.

In a recent government announcement, it was confirmed that from 2020, wider health education will become compulsory in all state-funded schools. Pupils will be taught vital skills such as the administering of CPR, the purpose of defibrillators and basic treatments for commons injuries

Mr Green said: “It is important that we ensure that all children get the best start in life and our schools play a vital role in achieving this.

“When I visited to discuss the importance of defibrillators at Westhoughton High School, the children made powerful representations as to the value of defibrillators and education on them and their use.

“This is why it is fantastic to hear that children will now be equipped with essential life-saving skills during their time at school, giving them the confidence to intervene in an emergency.

“I’m especially pleased to see that the government has included plans to teach schoolchildren about the use of defibrillators and I now urge the government to support my colleague’s bill which will see defibrillators installed in all schools and sports centres.”