MP supports PM’s Brexit statement

Chris Green MP has spoken out in support of the statement that the Prime Minister has made on Brexit today.

In the statement, Theresa May demanded for more “respect” from the European Union and for them to provide new proposals now they have rejected her Chequers plan.

Mr Green has long-been a strong voice in the Brexit debate, stating that the UK should be prepared for a ‘no-deal Brexit’ if the European Union does not respect the UK during the negotiation process.

In response to the statement, Mr Green said: “I welcome the PMs powerful statement on delivering the Brexit the British people voted for.

“I have always been clear that a ‘no deal Brexit’ will mean that the UK will follow World Trade Organisation rules, which are the rules we use to trade with the United States, but we still have time in negotiations to get a better deal. Many people would look at the widely praised free-trade agreement that the EU has just signed with Canada as our starting point.

“Theresa May was also right to give the strongest reassurance to our EU friends living in the UK and that we will not stand for the EU’s continued attempts to break up our United Kingdom.”