MP supports fight against leasehold scandal

Local MP Chris Green urges local residents to submit evidence of their experiences to the Leasehold Reform Inquiry to continue the fight against the leasehold scandal.

The scandal is particularly impacting upon those living in the North West of England, where residents may own their own home, but don’t own the land that the house is built on.

Instead, residents must pay rent for this land, but often their land lease is being sold to other ‘landlords’ which frequently changes their rental terms and conditions.

Some landlords are now inserting new clauses where a resident’s ground rent can be doubled every ten years. This could mean they will have to pay landlords up to £10,000 per year by 2060 for the right for their property to remain on their land.

Mr Green said: “I urge any Bolton West and Atherton residents impacted by the leasehold scandal to submit their experiences to the select committee to further support the fight against the leasehold

“I’ve spoken numerous times with ministers against leaseholds and although the government’s move to ban leaseholds on houses is welcomed, more now needs to be done to resolve the problems current residents are having with the leaseholds they took out before the ban.

“I hope that the evidence provided to the Leasehold Reform Inquiry will further support the need for reform on remaining leaseholds.” 

The MP has also supported the National Leasehold Campaign (NLC) and was the first Bolton MP to join the All Party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold Reform in order to help support the fight against the leasehold scandal.

To send your evidence to the inquiry, visit

Evidence submissions close 7th September 2018.