MP sets out vision for the future of research and development

Life-saving drugs, better standard of living and the creation of good quality jobs are just some of the benefits of increased research and development funding, according to local MP Chris Green.

During a debate that Mr Green secured on “Supporting Clinical Trials and the UK’s Future Research Capacity”, the MP praised the government’s pledge to increase its funding of the research and development sector to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.

However, Mr Green outlined that there are several challenges facing medical trials as well as how the UK can remain at the forefront of this highly competitive sector. He made the case that the Government must continue to work closely with industry, academia and the charitable research sector, to ensure the UK remains an international hub for research talent, with a robust but open regulatory framework.

Speaking about the debate, Mr Green said: “Our country has come a long way since Surgeon Mate James Lind conducted the UK’s first clinical trial to help find a cure for scurvy in 1747 with the UK holding a record number of clinical trials with their highest number of participants last year.

“Although I’m pleased to see the government investment in this sector is working, as well as its pledge to increase R&D funding to 2.4% of GDP, the government should use this as a stepping stone to increase its investment even further.

“Not only can greater investment in research and development help save and enhance people’s lives, it can also create exciting, good quality jobs for our future generations, whilst also ensuring that our country remains open to, and at the forefront of, this important sector.”