MP praises constituency for social mobility in Westminster debate

Chris Green MP has praised his constituency during a Westminster debate for ranking 71st out of 533 constituencies across England and Wales for youth social mobility.

The Westminster Hall debate, organised by Mr Green’s parliamentary neighbour Jo Platt MP, focussed on improving social mobility for those living in the North West.

During the debate, Mr Green urged local council leadership to do more to support local business, so that those who achieve success in the constituency remain and invest back into the local community.

Mr Green said: “It’s fantastic to see Bolton West and Atherton rank 9th out of the 75 North West constituencies for social mobility, showing that our constituency offers great chances of success for its local residents.

“However, today’s challenge is for our local council leadership to ensure that we keep those who have achieved social mobility within our communities, so that they can support local business, reinvest back into our area and provide inspiration for others.

“This is why during the debate, I called on the Council to find ways to encourage those who achieve success in our constituency, remain in our constituency."