MP calls for government to freeze Northern’s rail fares

Chris Green MP has urged the Secretary of State for Transport to impose a freeze on Northern’s rail fares so that passengers can be compensated for repeat rail disruption.

Rail fares increase each year in line with inflation, with prices set to rise by 3.1% in January, however rail service providers can choose to increase their fares below the rate of inflation or to not increase them at all.

Mr Green has since spoken out against the rail fare rise and has written to Chris Grayling MP stating that Northern should not have the flexibility to increase their rail fares.

Mr Green said: “Constituents are contacting me to tell me that they regularly experience delays and cancellations, often leaving them unable to get to work or even getting stranded a long way from home as a result of the disruption. Some have even had to quit their jobs as they simply cannot rely on the rail network.

“This ongoing disruption that many of my constituents face to their rail service is a daily nightmare and a price increase when we are seeing little improvement is simply unacceptable.

“I’m calling on the Secretary of State Chris Grayling to impose a fair freeze on Northern because the long-suffering rail travellers should be compensated for the disruption that has been caused over a drawn out period of time.

“A fair freeze is a fair way to compensate people proportionately for the disruption they have suffered and it will also send a clear message to rail operators that they cannot simply get away with failing their passengers.”