Local MP calls for fairer funding for children’s hospices

Chris Green MP has called for an end to the unfair difference in funding between adult’s and children’s hospices across England.

Adult’s hospices receive 30% of their funding from the NHS centrally and Clinical Commissioning Groups whereas children’s hospices receive much lower, receiving just 15% of their funding from the NHS on average.

Whilst raising his concerns about the hospice funding disparity to the Leader of the House of Commons, the Bolton West and Atherton MP also praised the work of Derian House who provide care and support for children across Lancashire.

Mr Green said: “Both adults and children’s hospices provide an invaluable service for those in their care and also for their families, such as Bolton Hospice and Derian House.

“However, children’s hospices receive much less funding from the NHS in comparison to adult’s hospices, meaning that children’s hospice staff have to focus more time on fundraising campaigns when they ought to be focussed on providing care for some of the most severely unwell children.

“This is why I have called for a debate to take place on these funding problems, so that children’s hospices receive the fairer funding that they need and deserve to continue to carry out their fantastic work.”