​​​​​​​Concerns about falling vaccination numbers raised in Westminster debate

Former engineer in the mass spectrometry industry, Chris Green MP, was delighted to lead an important debate on vaccinations and public health in Westminster.

During the debate, the MP praised the NHS’ vital vaccination programme but also raised concerns about the falling numbers of children in the United Kingdom receiving their vaccinations.

Mr Green said: “Our NHS’ vaccination programme is one of the best in the world but more still needs to be done to ensure that more children receive their vaccinations are protected against life-threatening diseases.

“Disappointingly, last year only 91 per cent of children received the MMR vaccine, reaching its lowest level since 2011.

“Despite the irresponsible spreading of false information about vaccinations, the UK’s vaccination rate remains high and we must now focus on ensuring that this narrative does not cause a further reduction in vaccinations.

“We must also support our research and development sector, so that we can help develop future vaccinations against other preventable diseases and the government’s pledge to give 2.4% of GDP contribution to this sector is a step in the right direction to help achieve this.”