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Leigh Observer Column - 4th July 2017

It is amazing to think that it was only a month ago when we were all preparing to go to the polls and vote in the General Election.  It has been an interesting last couple of weeks to say the least as the Prime Minister prepared to form a government again, but things finally seem to be getting ba

Voting For A 'Clean Brexit' In The House Of Commons

Yesterday the House of Commons, in unity, voted for a 'clean Brexit'. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour joined the Conservatives in supporting Theresa May's vision for our nation, to deliver the best Brexit deal and grasp the opportunities that lie ahead as we leave the EU.

Voter ID included in Conservative Manifesto

I was particularly pleased to see that Voter ID is now in the Manifesto after I introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill to Parliament on this important issue last year.

The London Marathon

The day following the London marathon is one where I am not just thinking about my poor legs and especially my knees.  It is also a good time to reflect on why do it.  There is an aspect of personal satisfaction of setting a challenge and completing.  Just finishing the 26 mile is incredibly sati

MP to run London Marathon tomorrow

Heading down to London today to run the London Marathon for Bolton Hospice. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to my fundraising - I really appreciate your support!