Westminster News

MP reluctantly votes for Withdrawal Agreement

Chris Green MP reluctantly voted for the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement today, in order to ensure that the UK would be able to depart from the European Union.

Bolton MP’s budget verdict

The Chancellor reports continued economic progress in his budget announcements this week, welcome news for local Conservative MP Chris Green.

Bolton MP to debate future of nurseries

After speaking with nurseries in Bolton West and Atherton, Chris Green MP is holding a Westminster Hall debate to talk about the sustainability of their sector.

MP supports PM’s Brexit statement

Chris Green MP has spoken out in support of the statement that the Prime Minister has made on Brexit today.

In the statement, Theresa May demanded for more “respect” from the European Union and for them to provide new proposals now they have rejected her Chequers plan.

MP raises lost organs case in PMQs

Bolton West MP Chris Green has called for a public inquiry during PMQs after Greater Manchester Police ‘lost’ body parts of his constituent’s baby daughter after she was killed by her father.