Bolton West MP launches mock EU referendum

Bolton West MP Chris Green has launched a mock EU referendum ahead of the real thing expected this summer.

He’s calling on residents to have their say and get talking about whether we should leave or remain ahead of the referendum.

Commenting, he said:

“As the MP for Bolton West and Atherton, it’s really important that I understand the views of my constituents. 

“The Conservatives were committed to a renegotiation of the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union, followed by an In/Out Referendum.  As this renegotiation has now taken place, we can all now judge the offer made by the European Union to the British People.

“Personally, I remain unconvinced and I don’t think this offer goes anywhere near as far as it should.  I have always said that it is for the EU to convince us, the British people, to stay and I think they have tried to get away with doing as little as possible which shows that they lack any commitment to reform. I would, however, love to hear everyone’s views.”

To have your say, visit

The results of the mock referendum will be announced in March.