Bolton MP’s budget verdict

The Chancellor reports continued economic progress in his budget announcements this week, welcome news for local Conservative MP Chris Green.

In the budget, the Chancellor announced £37million to support the development of Northern Powerhouse Rail, building on the government’s £300million commitment to the improvement of northern railways.

The governments’ approach to the economy has also allowed increased investment in the NHS, with an extra £20.5billion to be spent each year on the NHS for the next five years. Within this, £2billion per year has been committed to providing more support for mental health services, including more mental health ambulances and a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline.

There were also positive announcements for those wishing to visit the UK. Not only with EU citizens be allowed to use e-passport gates, visitors from Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and the USA will too be able to use these gates, sending the message that Britain is looking out to the world as we leave the European Union.

Mr Green said: “The Conservatives have continued to deliver on the economy, with 1,000 new jobs created every day since 2010, giving more people the stability of a job and enabling more people to provide for their families.

“I’m also pleased to see increasing investment in vital services, such as our NHS, not only furthering our commitment to deliver high quality healthcare but to also ensuring that our strengthening economy continues to deliver for everyone.”

“The opening of our e-passport gates is a great symbol of Britain’s outward looking future outside of the European Union and the Chancellor’s strong budget lays the path for our growth in the future.”