Bolton MP slams calls for a second referendum

Chris Green MP has slammed the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham for his support of a second referendum on Brexit in a speech made today - despite Mr Burnham calling the second referendum campaign “arrogant” just two days prior to the speech.

In a speech made at Westminster today, Mr Burnham expressed his backing of a second referendum on Brexit in order to avoid what he described as “crashing out of the European Union” and also urged the government to postpone the Brexit process to avoid “unrest” in Greater Manchester.

However, days before this speech, Mr Burnham said that the second Brexit referendum campaign: “inflames the idea of an arrogant political class, which isn’t listening and isn’t dealing with the issues that gave rise to the referendum in the first place.”

Now, Bolton West MP Chris Green, a Brexit supporter, has slammed the Mayor.
Mr Green said: “The people of Greater Manchester were clear with the majority supporting Brexit in the referendum.

“For the Greater Manchester Mayor to hop on a train to London to give a speech calling for a second referendum or to draw out the Brexit process even longer shows that he is completely out of touch with the people of Bolton and beyond. 

“People voted to leave the EU and we now need to get on with delivering a clear Brexit. The Mayor should be concentrating on reducing homelessness, solving the inequalities in health and getting a proper plan for house building that has the support of residents – not grandstanding with speeches in central London.”