​​​​​​​Bolton Council’s new Conservative leadership praised in Parliament

Bolton Council’s cross-party collaboration was praised by Chris Green MP during Prime Minister’s Questions today, following the news that Farnworth’s Future High Street Fund bid has moved to its second stage.

If successful, the £25million of government funding will transform Farnworth’s high street, a plan that has been championed by both Bolton Councils’ newly elected Conservative leadership and Farnworth and Kearsley First’s councillors.

As a result of the bid moving to the second stage, Bolton Council will now receive a grant of up to £150,000 to help develop a full business case for the proposed investment programme.

Speaking about the bid during Prime Minister’s Questions, Chris Green MP said: “Cross-party work can be immensely beneficial, especially when delivering on the people’s priorities.

“Therefore, would my RHF agree with me that an excellent example, is Farnworth and Kearsley First’s work with the Conservative leadership on Bolton Council, to win an award from the Future High Streets Fund, because we can all agree that our high streets are the keystone of our communities?”