Combat crime and anti-social behaviour

Combat crime and anti-social behaviour: There has been an increase in constituents contacting Chris about local crime. In response, he organised a series of public meetings to provide residents with a forum to discuss their crime concerns directly with Bolton West and Atherton’s police Sergeants. Chris will also continue to fight for an increased police presence on our streets to act as a crime deterrent.

Earlier this year, Chris met Boris Johnson, urging him to pledge additional policing resources if he became Prime Minister. Now, as the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has promised to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers. Chris also met the Superintendents for both Bolton and Wigan, to raise the concerns he received from constituents about a lack of police response and took part in two shifts with GMP to learn more about what additional resources the police need. Regularly meeting constituents has also ensured that Chris remains up-to-date with local crime concerns.

For more information about what Chris has been doing to combat crime and anti-social behaviour, see some of the news articles below. 


MP welcomes boost in police numbers for GMP

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) will recruit 347 new police officers within the first year of the government’s unprecedented drive to increase police numbers by 20,000, it has been announced by the Home Office today.

Wigan Observer - Tuesday 8th October

On the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Manchester, Boris Johnson compared the performance and ability of mayors around the country, saying that “some are better than others”.  Ultimately, the Prime Minister has delivered for London and now wants to deliver for the United Kingdom so, I expect, in